Restaurant Demo

This is a demo site for a restaurant that doesn’t exist. I launched it with X-Theme in Wordpress CMS (Click here to check out other possible configurations for this theme). If you are interested in having your website updated or rebuilt to look similar to this one, feel free to get in touch with me.

Active Websites:

Loren’s Guitars

I finished building this ecommerce site on time and under budget early 2017. Woocommerce is used for internal sales while the inventory is automatically synchronized with client’s reverb.com inventory.

Old Blog Demo

I made this Ruby on Rails blog demo using a tutorial by Mackenzie Child while I was attending DaVinci Coders to practice building a RoR app with Rubymine IDE and pushing to heroku through git. This links to a page I included to test a ruby gem that implements the Highcharts API. I was very proud of it when I made it!

Resume (google docs)